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How to Design Banner Ads that Pull 24% Click-Throughs?

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You will need a well designed banner or two on hand before you begin participating in banner exchange programs or private exchanges.

There are many web designers and graphic artists that can design a banner for you. Be sure to get references for these services first.

You can also design your own banner, using software such as Paint Shop Pro. The typical size for a banner is 468 x 60 pixels. Using a smaller size for private exchanges is fine, but a banner should never be any larger than this. You should also use a graphics optimizer to shrink the size of the banner...try to keep the size down to less than 10k.

Here are some secrets to design traffic-pulling banners from Corey Rudl.


Use Color

It has been proven that vibrant colors such as yellow, blue, and green draw a better response than banners designed using such drab colors as gray and brown. The trick is to use color tastefully. Draw their eye but don't repulse them. Here is an example of a banner that I use to advertise


Banner Example

Include a Call to Action

Be sure to tell people to "click here" or "go". It will dramatically increase the response your banner receives, particularly if you also underline the words to make it look like a link. Many people won't realize that you banner is a link unless you make it very clear. You literally have to tell people what to do - don't make assumption that they will know that they can click on it. Tell them do. Here is another example I advertise


Banner Example


Use Mock "Windows Control" Buttons Like Menus and Click-Boxes


Research show that this kind of banners pull a click-through rate of 3% to 8%. Menus and buttons that look like standard Windows controls put people in the mindset that your banner can be clicked on and gives them a subtle "call to action." Here is one banner I advertise


Banner Example


Include an Alternative Text Tag


When you design your banners, be sure to include an alternative tag in your HTML code. The reason is that some people will still see your slogan and link if they choose to turn off their graphics. If you neglect to do this, these people will see nothing at all. Here is an example:


  <a href="">
<img src="BANNER.gif" alt="Chinese Food DIY" width="468" height="60"></a>

Banner Creators

There are many graphic design software/tools out there. Adobe Photoshop is probably the standard among them. Unfortunately it is not affordable for many webmasters considering its price of $649. Here I recommend some less expensive and free alternatives

Banner Maker Pro - $39 (Free 15-day trial)
Quick Banner - Free or above

3D Text Maker - Free
Instant Online Banner Creator - Free
Animation Online - Free or above


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