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  Reduce Your Costs With Barter Offers  
  How To Set-Up Your Barter Offer  
  Advertising Exchange  
  Tips For Offering Your Barter  

Reduce Your Costs With Barter Offers

Imagine the scenario. You've seen a product or service on the Internet that you'd love to purchase. You can see the benefits of what they're selling, and you're sure that their services will benefit your business.

So, what do you do? On impulse, you pull out your credit card and proceed to the secure order form.

But wait a minute... what if you can offer this company your product or service in exchange for what they're offering? Have you ever thought of this before?

Before I explain further, just think for a moment of the possibilities that this concept can hold.

Here we see yet another advantage of conducting business over the Internet. I mean, could you imagine going into your local supermarket and asking if they could exchange the price of your weekly shopping for one of the services you offered?

On the Internet, exchanging services is easy. I'll go into how you should do it in moment, but first let's look at the advantages that Barter Offers can produce:

  • You'll save lots of money, because you can exchange your own products/services for theirs instead of spending your hard-earned cash.
  • Most of the time, all it takes is one email to set-up an exchange between two people, therefore it's quick and easy.
  • It's a great idea for mutual advertising opportunities, because you can both benefit from each other's traffic.

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    How To Set-Up Your Barter Offer

    Step 1:
    First of all, you must consider what you're willing to exchange as a trade for the other person's product or service.

    Are you sure they'll benefit from your offer? If not, then chances are they won't even consider the barter offer.

    For instance, there's no point in trying to exchange advertising services that targets an audience of pet food suppliers, with someone who sells cars.

    Step 2:
    Make sure your offer is fair. Don't try and exchange $20 worth of services for a product that's worth $150.

    Once you've worked out your exchange, draft out an email message that you'll send to the person explaining your offer. Focus on the benefits that they'll receive from the offer. They need to know that it's worth trading their own products/services for.

    Step 3:
    Wait for the reply, and respond with further information if they're interested. If they don't want to exchange services, don't take rejection too seriously. Simply move on to someone who will want to barter.

    An Example Of A Barter Offer:
    Below is just one example of how the barter offer could come in handy, and what you could do to set it up.

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    Advertising Exchange

    Bill offers banner advertising on his website that specifically targets an audience of Internet Marketers and Web Promoters.

    He sells 10,000 banner impressions for $99, and he's looking to do an exchange with another company who would be willing to show his advert in exchange for a banner on his website.

    In his search he comes across Fred, who owns a newsletter with a subscriber base of 5000 Internet Marketers. He thinks this would make a perfect exchange, so he takes a look at the prices they're charging for newsletter advertising.

    He sees that they sell classified adverts in that issue for $20 per issue. So, Bill emails Fred with an offer. In it, he explains that he's willing to trade 10,000 banner impressions for his advert to appear in 4 issues of the newsletter. (total value - $80).

    Fred sees that he's gaining at least a $20 value for exchanging with Bill, and as it doesn't cost him anything to place adverts in his newsletter, he agrees to the offer.

    The result: Both Bill and Fred gain extra website exposure without paying a cent. See how this could be useful for you?

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    Tips For Offering Your Barter

  • Try and offer the other person something of a slightly higher value than what you're wanting from them. This makes them feel that they're getting a bargain, and increases your chances of them agreeing to the exchange.
  • Email your letter directly to the person who supplies the service or product. Personalize the email and mention their own products and services in the message. This will attract further attention.
  • Explain why you want to exchange services, and let them know how it will benefit them. Most of the time they don't care about what you're gaining from it, they're in the offer to get what they can for themselves.

    So next time you're about to purchase a product or service from someone, think. Would they be interested in doing an exchange with you? There's no harm in asking :-)

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