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Bio Sheet and Q & A Sheet

Press Release






In addition to Press Release, you also need Bio Sheet and Q & A Sheet.


The first of these documents is called the bio sheet, or biography sheet. This is a one page summary of who you are. When you write your bio sheet, be sure to stick to the issue at hand.

So, if your press release is about fishing, don't talk about how you're a tennis pro in your bio sheet. Your bio sheet should be packed with information that will prove to the media people that you're worth interviewing.

Bio sheets have less strict rules than those of a press release. At the top of the bio sheet, you put your name and phone number (usually at the left top hand corner). Or your name, phone number and address. If you decide to just put you name at the top (which is perfectly fine), make sure you have your phone number displayed somewhere on the page (make it stand out, maybe at the very bottom).

Then comes the headline of "Biography Sheet" or "Biography and Fact Sheet". Just like the press release, the bio sheet has three sections.

The first being a brief summary of what the entire document is about, the second being further details like credentials and the third part is again your sales pitch and/or contact information.

Remember that the bio sheet is just facts about you pertaining mostly to your product or service. Be concise and stick to the point. Just like the press release, end your bio sheet with # # #. This indicates to the reader that he/she has reached the end of the bio sheet (or press release).


The next document is the best of all. It's called the Question and Answer sheet, or Q&A sheet. I'll bet that not one in a thousand people sending out press releases uses a Q&A sheet or even knows how to write one.

The Q&A sheet is simply a list of questions you are suggesting the interviewer ask you. Think this is too forward? Not on your life. The interviewer will love you for having a Q&A sheet available. Think of how much work you've just saved him!

What type of questions should you include on your sheet? Well, there should be a variety of them with several features. Just like a good headline, your questions should arouse curiosity and interest from both the interviewer and the audience.

Make sure they're not simple yes or no answers or the interview will end before it starts. On the other hand, do NOT blab on and on about nothing. (You know those type of people . . . you don't listen to them, so don't do it.) Your answers should be long enough to completely answer the question, but short enough to keep the interest.

Remember to put your name and phone number at the top of this document as well. For your headline, put something like, "Suggested Questions for ____________," and then fill in your own qualifications pertaining to the topic at hand. 

Lastly, make sure each question flows into the next one. A good way to come up with questions for your Q&A sheet is to ask friends and family members what they want to know about your subject. What are they dying to know or what are they totally confused about. What have they heard about your subject or what needs further clarification.

The interviewer will look over your questions. If you've written them in the right way, don't be surprised if he asks you each and every question in the order you wrote them.


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