10 Methods To Reduce Tax For Your Small Business

Tax Burden For Your Small Business

Are you paying too much for your tax?

When you have your own small business, you must constantly renew your knowledge of tax laws that are related to small businesses. You must understand clearly about accounting systems and tax planning. Sit down with your accountant and plan on ways of documenting business expenses, filing receipts, planning on “tax saving” investments, and a strategy for running  the business in the most beneficial way.

Here are ten tips that can help you reduce your tax burden for your business.

1.    According to law you can reduce your tax liability by hiring family members to carry out work in your business. Pay your children and spouse to perform assigned duties. This way you can shift from higher tax rates to lower ones.

2.    Consider hiring independent contractors instead of employees. You will save on payroll taxes. However ensure that you meet the IRS’s criteria.

3.    Think about “deferring income” postpone receiving money to January instead of December. This means that payments received will be up for “tax” calculations a year away.  However ask your accountant’s advice as the benefits are dependant on profit and losses for the year and your corporate legal structure.

4.    Take advantage of tax deductions allowed for charitable donations. Make donations in November or December instead of January so that you can include the donations for tax deductions in the current year.

5.    Maximize your expenditure on equipment and office supplies. Buy in advance for a quarter and use the tax deductions allowed in the current fiscal year.

6.    Include expenses of business related travel in the current year.

7.   Pay all bills due before the end of the year. Payment to cell services, rent, insurance, and utilities related to the business can be included for accounting and applicable tax waivers.

8.    Plan a retirement plan and make payments before the end of the year. This will reduce your income for the year and proportionately the tax due. Be sure to check on the limits. Plan a feasible and beneficial strategy with your accountant.

9.      Be sure to deduct from your taxable income money paid to licensing fees, businesses taxes, and annual memberships to businesses related organizations. Be sure to deduct interest paid on borrowings for running the business and related fees. Insurance premiums paid to insure the business office and machinery are eligible for tax deductions. Make a list of your memberships and check which ones are eligible for tax deductions.

10.       Check whether you have deducted management and administration expenses as well as money spent on maintenance and repairs of equipment.

Decide whether a cash accounting system or accrual one will benefit your business. The tax deductions are different depending on the system you use. When setting up your small business take the advice of a tax and accounting professional as to which accounting system would be most suitable.

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10 Creative Traffic Building Ideas

10 Creative Traffic Building Ideas

"Paint" outside of the box

Everyone wants traffic to their website. It is not always easy to get more people to visit your site. There are ways to generate the desired traffic. It takes being creative and innovative sometimes; yet here are several ideas that will help.

1. Use Flickr. Social photo sharing drives people to your website. Add good tags to the photos so they attract the members on the site. Write a post in your blog and add the link to the Flickr site. The two sites will work in unison to draw traffic to your site.

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6 Easy Steps To Separating Your Personal Life From Your Business

Work Life Balance

Juggling between work and life?

If you work from home, chances are you already know that you’re really pulling double duty. You probably work on your business while doing the laundry, corralling the kids, or fixing dinner… and let’s not forget all the phone calls from family and friends expecting you to run errands or just “go out” for an afternoon of fun. Continue reading

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4 Key Reasons Why Articles Are The Best SEO Tools

Articles are the Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tool

There are many tools and strategies that you can use to improve your ranking on search engines and drive traffic to your website.

Among all the different search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, writing and submitting articles remains the best strategy. This article outlines the key reasons why articles are the most powerful SEO tool. Continue reading

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Creating a Freelance Copywriting Website

Creating a Freelance Copywriting Website

So you like writing?

Developing a freelance copywriting website to market yourself and your copywriting services is very important in drawing possible clients. It can also be one of the most demanding copywriting preparations you’ll ever deal with. These regular sections can help you to build your website that will reveal to your possible clients you’re the copywriter they’re looking for.

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5 Simple Steps To Building Links To Your Website And Improve Your Ranking On Search Engines

Link Building

Link Building

Ranking high on all the major search engines is very easy, and it involves following the simple steps outlined in this article. There are several ways through which you can optimize your website for search engines and become visible and rank high on these search engines.
1. Write and submit press releases about your website. Continue reading
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5 Essential Steps To Web Site Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is the process of making sure that your website content and information helps you to achieve high ranking on search engines such that you will get traffic directed to your website through these search engines.

  1. The very first and important step in search engine optimization (SEO) is to know all your niche keywords and phrases, and this begins with a good knowledge of your niche. Continue reading
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The Key SEO Mistakes That You Must Avoid

SEO Mistakes

"What did I do wrong?"

Optimizing a website for search engines requires a lot of consistent effort. Many internet marketers expect immediate success in ranking high on search engines, and they soon realize that this is not possible.
This article presents the common mistakes which people make in search engine optimization (SEO).
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How YouTube Affiliate Videos Became A Marketing Weapon

YouTube as a Marketing Weapon

YouTube can be a "lethal" Marketing Weapon

Affiliate marketing has exploded across the web lately. More and more people are switching on to a revolutionary way of making money that can turn into a passive income each month. Article directories exist by the hundreds, and people are blogging like mad, and bookmarking their sites on places like digg and delicious to promote and promote again. Those whom are grasping the power of the internet to market products are also including viral videos in their marketing arsenal.

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What Are The Benefits Of Optimizing Your Website For Search Engines

Benefits and Money


Search engine optimization (SEO) is very essential if you want to successfully earn money online.

Because of the importance of SEO, many website owners spend a lot of money and effort improving their website ranking on search engines. This article outlines the key benefits of SEO to your website and to your online business’ success.

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