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Corey Rudl



Corey RudlCorey Rudl, now aged 35, has turned a $25 investment into 10 million dollars in just a few years. Today, this self-made multi-millionaire is the owner of multiple Internet businesses, including the Internet Marketing Center. He specializes in showing anyone how to use the Internet to immediately increase their income using simple, yet highly effective tips, tricks, and techniques.

What makes him so different from many other Internet marketing "gurus" is that Corey Rudl did not start by selling Internet marketing course. He built up a book called "Car Secrets Revealed" into a huge online business before writing his "The Insider Secrets To Marketing Your Business On The Internet" course, which is considered as the bible of internet marketing.



Corey Rudl's products include:

The Insider Secrets To Marketing Your Business On The Internet
Visit the The Insider Secrets To Marketing Your Business On The Internet web site
  • By Corey Rudl. A comprehensive course on how to build your own internet business from the scratch. Topics include:

    • How to start your own online business in just 48 hours

    • How to create a site that sells for less than $100
    • How to pick hot, in demand products to sell
    • How to get thousands of people on your mailing lists
    • Which autoresponders you should use and which you shouldn't
    • Which type of order forms work best
    • Learn how to pre-test your advertising
    • How to get the most visitors for the least cost from pay per click search engines
  • 2 binders + 2 CD-ROMs

  • Cost: $197/$65.67X3


Visit the The Insider Secrets To Marketing Your Business On The Internet web site

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Secrets To Their Success
Visit the Secrets To Their Success web site
  • A motivational monthly newsletter (available through an exclusive Private Web Site) that exposes you to real people making real money on the Internet, showing you the exact strategies used by small- and home-based businesses to earn incomes of $100,000 - $600,000+ per year online.
       - Two Brand New Success Stories each month to model and profit from and a Monthly Web Site Critique to learn from others' mistakes.
       - Get unlimited access to the 150+ pages of private archives of Success Stories & Critiques from the past to learn and profit more.
  • Online subscription service

  • Free Trial available

  • Cost: $17/month


Visit the Secrets To Their Success web site

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The Insider Secrets To E-Mail Marketing
Visit the The Insider Secrets To E-Mail Marketing web site
  • By Corey Rudl. A definitive guide on how to profit from E-mail marketing. A 433-page ebook based on Corey's years of experience which makes him over $100,000 per month from e-mail marketing alone. Topics include:

    • How to build a mailing list even if your site doesn't get any traffic,

    • Which are the best days of the week to send your messages,

    • How to set up a paid subscription newsletter,

    • How to create the best sales copy for your e-mails,

    • Which subject lines work best,

    • How to get 10%+ click through rates for your mailing,

    • How to format your messages,

    • Where to put the subscription form on your site,

    • When to use popups,

    Case studies available which show real world results from the methods that Corey discusses.

  • Downloadable ebook (433 pages)
  • Cost: $97


Visit the The Insider Secrets To E-Mail Marketing web site

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Visit the Mailloop web site
  • By Corey Rudl. A complete business e-mail automation solution packed with features such as autoresponders and incoming e-mails hander. Features include:

    • Follow up messages to your existing customers.
    • You can fully personalize messages with a range of fields - name, product purchased, where your subscribers live and so on.
    • You can use it to send a newsletter to all of your subscribers.
    • Support unlimited numbers of newsletters.
    • It will handle subscribes and unsubscribe automatically
    • You could use it to sell a newsletter service to other webmasters.
    • It can even automate other aspects of your business with it's scheduler - you can set it to automatically send a message at any time, day or night.
    • It will automatically move a lead to the customers list when they make a purchase.
  • Downloadable software

  • Cost: $379 OR $94.75 X 3


Visit the Mailloop web site

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Ebook Pro
Visit the Ebook Pro web site
  • By Corey Rudl. Probably the best ebook creation software that allows you to create quality ebooks. It comes with great security features that allow you to:
    • Deactivate any eBook from within the software.
    • Easily disable the copy and paste function to stop people from plagiarizing your work.
    • Fully encrypt any ebook created which means that people can only read the information when the eBook is open - they can't break into your eBook and take the HTML pages.
    • Control whether you will allow people to print your eBook.
    • Require registration of your eBook and stipulate what information you need from the customer.
    • Stop password sharing

    The package comes with Corey's report "How To Produce Knockout Information Products -- Even If You're Not A Writer":

  • Downloadable software
  • Cost: $197


Visit the Ebook Pro web site

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