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Ken Evoy



Ken EvoyKen Evoy is the founder of SiteSell Inc. and the creator of the revolutionary Web site-building system, Site Build It! Ken. Evoy is also the author of a series of widely-acclaimed "best on the Net" e-commerce books and courses. Due to Ken. Evoy's efforts, the SiteSell brand is highly-respected by top influential Internet business personalities around the world.


A truly amazing, multi-talented individual. Ken Evoy began his multi-faceted career as a Canadian physician at McGill University in Montreal. Subsequently, he taught medicine, designed toys and games, which earned him millions of dollars in royalties, and invented a "virtually impossible to sell" niche software product - which he sold on the Net earning $1,000 to $5,000 a day. 


Ken's meteoric rise to internet prominence began with the publication of Make Your Site Sell, which is widely regarded as the "Bible" of Internet Marketing. Nowadays Ken Evoy is best known as a prolific author and entrepreneur whose SiteSell company offers the "best-on-the-Net e-commerce books at the best price," and Web-based software tools for small businesses. 



Ken Evoy's products include:

Site Build It!
Visit the Site Build It! web site
  • By Ken Evoy. An easy-to-use system that helps you build your online business by leading you through site-building, site-hosting and marketing process. SBI! package includes
       - Action Guide -- Make Your Content PRESell!.
       - SBI! Manager -- brainstormer, researcher, and overall time-saver.
       - SiteBuilder & TrafficCenter -- Build your site and generate TARGETED traffic.

  • Downloadable software

  • Cost: $299 (one year) OR $29.99 per month


Visit the Site Build It! web site

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Make Your Site Sell!
Visit the Make Your Site Sell! web site
  • By Ken Evoy. A step-by-step guide on how to maximize the sales potential of your online business. Topics include:
       - Develop a great product
       - Write a web site that sells with deadly effectiveness
       - Attract targeted customers to the site
    Introduces the concept of Most Wanted Response (MWR).
  • Downloadable PDF ebook
  • Free chapter download available
  • Cost: $29.95


Visit the Make Your Site Sell! web site

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Make Your Knowledge Sell!
Visit the Make Your Knowledge Sell! web site
  • By Ken Evoy and Monique Harris. A definitive guide and tools to develop, publish and market your own info product on the internet.

    • 320+ page ebook detailing every step you need to follow to create info products.

    • eBook Secrets - Another 420 page manual written by Ken Silver.

    • 186 Places To Promote and Sell Your Indo Product Online.

    • Another 120 Places To Promote and Sell Your Info Product Online.

    • The Online Infoseller's Jumpstart Kit - A full planning document to help you with your product development.

    • A special report on how to profit from selling reprint rights.

    • The MYKS Automation Manual - If you want to completely automate the sales process yourself. It also shows you the best places to use if you don't want to set up your own payment system.

  • Downloadable PDF ebook (337 pages)
  • Cost: $51.50


Visit the Make Your Knowledge Sell! web site

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Make Your Price Sell!
Visit the Make Your Price Sell! web site
  • By Key Evoy. Software that allows you to determine exactly what price you should sell your product at to get the most sales or the highest profits. It creates a simple but effective survey which will be posted on your site. MYPS will automatically takes the responses and scientifically creates a graph that shows you which price point will get the most sales and which will make the most money.
  • Web-based application
  • Cost: $97


Visit the Make Your Price Sell! web site

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Make Your Words Sell!
Visit the Make Your Words Sell! web site
  • By Ken Evoy and Joe Robson. A definitive web copywriting manual that includes 300+ page guide to writing compelling sales copy for the web, brochures, autoresponders and ezines. It shows you how to increase sales for your store just by writing compelling descriptions and structuring your home page properly.
  • Downloadable PDF ebook (473 pages/4 volumes)
  • Free Trial available
  • Cost: $29.92


Visit the Make Your Words Sell! web site

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Make Your Net Auction Sell!
Visit the Make Your Net Auction Sell! web site
  • By Ken Evoy and Sydney Johnston. Ebook teaches you how to make money on line by selling and buying on online auction sites such as eBay.
  • Downloadable PDF ebook
  • Cost: Free


Visit the Make Your Net Auction Sell! web site

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Note: A free trial of many of Ken Evoy's products is available here.

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