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Search Engine Marketing: The General Do's

Keyword Marketing / Search Engine Tips




The following is a list things you should try doing with your web pages. These are general "do's" for the major search engines.


Doorway pages are designed to optimize and get a high ranking on search engines for specific keyword(s) and/or keyword phrases(s). They utilize all the "tricks" and they are meant for search engines, not for humans. That's why these pages will act as "doorways" to the real Web page on your site containing content specific for that keyword, product or service.

The title of your Web page is probably the most important information needed to achieve top ranking on all search engines and directories. Make sure you utilize your <TITLE> tags by inserting them right after your <HEAD> tag and before your <META> tags.

<TITLE>Your title goes here. Make sure it contains keywords.</TITLE>


Make sure you have META description and META keyword tags on all your Web pages. META tags provide information for search engine's spiders/robots with the description of your site and the keywords relevant to that page.

If you don't have these tags, then some of the search engine robots will simply choose the first 25 words on your page as the description (some won't even do that!). Make sure your META tags are in your <HEAD> tags, right after your <TITLE> tag, like this:

<TITLE>Page Title.</TITLE>
<META name="description" content="Describe your site here. Throw in one or two keywords.">
<META name="keywords" content="List your keywords here, separated by commas and repeat them 1-3 times only.">


Make sure you insert keywords in your <H1> through <H6> header tags. Most search engines assign higher relevancy points to words inside header tags, so take advantage of it. Remember, <H1> gets more relevancy points than <H6>.

Most search engines look at the first 100-150 words on a page when indexing. So make sure you insert your most important keywords at the top of your page, the first 25 words being the most important!

Try to insert keywords in your URL. For example:

Hyperlink keywords within your page... preferable to URL keywords. For example:


<A HREF="">Keyword1 and Keyword2 are linked.</A>



ALT tags are used to describe images on a page for people who browse the web with their graphics turned off. But, you can take advantage of these tags by inserting your keywords in them. For example:


<IMG SRC="picture.gif" ALT="keywords go here, repeated 1-3 times only.">


Comment tags are HTML code that webmasters make to themselves, when designing Web pages. They can only be seen in your source HTML codes and NOT on your Web page. But, you can take advantage of this by inserting some keywords in your comment tags and make sure you keep them at the top of your page for best results.


<TITLE>Page Title.</TITLE>
<META name="description" content="Describe your site here. Throw in one or two keywords.">
<META name="keywords" content="List your keywords here, separated by commas and repeat them 1-3 times only.">

<!-- comment tags go here with keywords repeated 1-3 times only -->



When submitting your pages to the search engines, submit no more than 10 pages a day (I prefer 5 only). Make sure you submit your most important pages first and never submit the same page twice within a 24-hour period!

There are thousands of new Web sites added daily to the search engines. Due to this huge influx of sites, your ranking will drop dramatically and sometimes your site will disappear all together! Because of this, I'd suggest you re-submit your Web pages about once a month.

Again, submit no more that 5-10 pages a day and only re-submit your most important pages (doorway pages are a must).


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