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Create Your Own Software

Business Ideas 

by Terry Dean



What does the richest man in the world do for a living?

He sells software...not just any software though.  He sells the software absolutely everyone needs to use if they want to use a computer.  If you are able to open this book, then your computer has to be running a copy of his software - Windows.

Why software for a product?

First of all, all buying decisions are based on one of two different reasons: 
1. To Gain Pleasure
2. To End Pain

Look at any buying decision you have made recently...and it will be based on one of those two reasons. You either wanted to achieve pleasure out of the product you bought or you want to end the pain that some problem has been causing you.

Every day, computers are making another inroad into our lives.  They are controlling another aspect of it.  Along with this progress though also comes the frustration of learning to deal with them.  I don't think anything causes more frustrations in users than trying to learn how to deal with their computer. 

The most popular video on the Internet has been of an individual taking his computer out and destroying it.  It is a thought that has ran through the minds of every person reading this.  I know I have been so frustrated at times with mine that taking a sledgehammer to it seemed like a good idea at the time (I never acted on those instincts though which I am very happy to report).

You can use these frustrations to your advantage though.  Remember, one of the major reasons people buy is the desire to END PAIN.  That is the goal of much of the software out there.  It can help you to end your pain. 

What does a word processing program do for you?  It helps you to do your writing much quicker and to easily edit or change it. It makes your work much easier than using an old fashioned typewriter.  To create this book I am using a program called InfoCourier because it takes away the pain of delivering this information to you in an easy to read format.

Guess what?  People will quickly purchase anything that can end the pain in their lives and they will do so without you having to convince them to buy it.  If they can see that it is a solution to their problems, the sale can be made easily and without any fuss. 

Software sales makes a good primary business and it can also be used as a secondary income stream from most web sites as anyone visiting a web site is interested in some type of software.  They had to be or they wouldn't have been able to get to your web site.

To help you get started in this business, I have included 10 businesses below which somehow relate to selling software.  Nine of them deal with being a dealer for a software program because let's face it...creating software is not an easy job.  It isn't something you can learn to do this weekend.

Take a look at each of these ideas below and also check out the Associate Programs involving software which you can find at

Become a Software Developer
The best option of course would be to produce software solutions customers need themself.  This isn't an easy business to start though.  Hiring programmers is not an option for most small businesses and learning the necessary skills to create your own
programs will take years to accomplish.  If this was a practical business for you though, it would be one of the best choices you could make for your internet marketing business.

Personalized Email Software
Worldmerge sells email software which can send out all of your email personalized to each of the recipients.  In their affiliate program, they will also develop you your own custom version of the software so people will be able to download and try it out from your current web site and to make sure you get credit for the order.

Search Engine Submission and Position Rankings
The most popular search engine submission and position ranking software can be found in our search engine marketing submission tools page.

Search Engine Promotion Software
Engenius v.1.0 is a program which helps people create pages which can rank high on the search engines.  With their affiliate program, you put up a complete copy of their web site on your server and earn 50% of all sales.

Autoresponders which Automatically Follow-up
AWeber has created revolutionary autoresponders which do automatic follow-up for you.  These autoresponders can send out a primary message and then follow-up with 6 selected follow-ups which you can schedule as you wish.

Easy Java Programming
Riada has created the solution to Java programming on the web with headline, button, animation and billboard software. Java programming is something that most will not ever want to attempt on their own, but it can be made easy through Riada's various software solutions.

Discount Shopping
This isn't as much as dealer ship program as it is another way to get traffic to keep coming back to your site.  The Roboshopper searches through 1,000s of online stores and helps you to find the best prices for products you are looking for.

Web Graphics Software
Animated Title Graphics are made easy with "Xara3D."  You can also refer others to this low cost graphics solution for use on their web sites.

Instant Web Site Cure
This kind of software program can automatically generate web pages and upload graphics simply and easily.  It makes publishing on the web a breeze no matter how many products your company offers or how little you know about the computer. 


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